Golden Autumn Wedding Colours: Faye and Sam

A Beautiful AutumnWedding

In the heart of Shropshire, amidst the beauty of Autumnal golden hues, Faye and Sam exchanged vows in a family celebration at the stunning wedding venue that is the Mill Barns. As the couple embarked on this journey together, the October light and rustic charm of Mill Barns provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding day. The light was just divine and, being an illustrator in a previous life, this truly was the most incredible opportunity to push myself as far as I could with this engaging couple. I actually relish the challenge afforded by Mill Barns. From the bridal preps and the minimal lighting, to the incredible entrance to the Mill Barns ceremony room. It is one of the most incredible places to get married and a challenge I always readily accept.

A bride and groom standing on a bridge in a garden adorned with captivating autumn wedding colors.

Autumn Wedding Colours

The real magic of Faye and Sam’s Autumnal wedding day happened during the Autumn golden hour. As the sun started to loose it’s intensity and bathe the Mill Barns in amazing golden light, Faye and Sam took some time out to take the opportunity of creating breathtakingly beautiful moments. The play of light and shadow added a touch of painterly quality to their portraits, making every moment a work of art.

Kind Words From Faye and Sam

Artistic Wedding Photography

Working with Phil was delightful. He immediately put us at ease with his warm smile and relaxed demeanour. My husband and I aren’t used to posing for pictures, but Phil was able to give us really clear and easy to follow instructions whilst also letting us be ourselves. We had so much fun taking the photos and now we have some stunning shots that we can’t wait to put up on our wall! He also took some sneaky shots of my husband and I when we had no idea anyone was around and so captured some beautiful, natural moments that now we will never forget.
If you’re looking for wedding photos that are not just photos, but pieces of art, Phil is your man. His understanding of composition and light are second to none and we can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Faye and Sam

A bride and groom embracing in the enchanting autumn woods, surrounded by rich hues of foliage that perfectly complement their wedding colors.

Such kind words truly make all the hard work so worthwhile. Creating such images for my couples, and capturing their story, is always my absolute pleasure.

Faye and Sam’s wedding day at Mill Barns was a testament to the timeless beauty of love and the gorgeous colours of autumn. It was a day filled with laughter, love, and the beauty of nature herself. From the heartfelt personally written vows to the celebration that followed, it was a day that will remain with me forever.

Thank you Faye and Sam for your faith and trust.

A bride and groom embracing in the enchanting autumn woods.

Such an amazing wedding day at the incredible Mill Barns, here are some images from Faye and Sam’s beautiful wedding. If you would like know more about my work, please feel free to get in touch.

A woman in a robe is sitting in front of a mirror, surrounded by the warm hues of autumn.
A black and white photo of a man in a tuxedo at an autumn wedding.
A woman is putting on a wedding dress for her wedding.
Black and white photo of a woman getting ready for a wedding.
A bride is getting ready for her wedding in front of a mirror
An artistic black and white image of the bride as she gets ready to make her entrance
A bride and her bridesmaids getting ready for the wedding
A bride and her bridesmaid gracefully walk up a staircase at the wedding
A little girl walking down the aisle at a wedding, throwing flowers for the bride
A bride and groom gracefully walking down the aisle at their wedding.
In an artistic autumn wedding ceremony, the bride and groom joyfully exchange vows surrounded by their guests
A autumn wedding unfolds as the bride and groom share their first kiss in a charming barn
A bride and groom walk down the aisle.
An bride and groom sitting at a table under the starry night, surrounded by autumn wedding ideas.
A bride and groom posing in the enchanting autumn woods for their wedding
A bride and groom embracing in the woods during their autumn wedding.
A bride and groom posing in front of a gazebo, capturing the essence of an autumn wedding.
A bride and groom strolling through a garden at their autumn wedding.
An autumn wedding with the bride and groom standing near a gazebo in the dark, surrounded by beautiful autumn wedding colours.
A bride and groom standing on a bridge in a garden, adorned with autumn wedding colours.
An artistic autumn wedding, with the bride and groom walking down a path surrounded by captivating autumn wedding colours.
An artistic wedding moment captured as the bride and groom share a romantic kiss through a door window
bride and groom embracing in the woods at night.
An couple standing in the woods at sunset, capturing the essence of an autumn wedding.
An bride and groom embracing in the enchanting autumn woods, surrounded by a vibrant palette of autumn wedding colours.
Mill Barns wedding venue captured at night with a stunning reflection
A bride and groom standing on a walkway surrounded by the warm hues of an autumn wedding, illuminated under the soft glow of night.
A bride and groom gracefully dance in a dimly lit room, surrounded by their guests
Phil Barrett
Phil Barrett

Phil Barrett is a seasoned photographer with a rich background in creativity. Starting his journey as an illustrator and designer, Phil's work graced the greeting cards of some of the world's largest producers. After two decades in the industry, a twist of fate led him back to university, where he founded PbArtWorks, initially envisioned as a design and photography agency. However, it was his unique approach to wedding photography, characterized by its natural, unforced essence, that truly resonated. For over a decade, Phil has captured weddings across Shropshire, Cheshire, North Wales, and beyond. Beyond weddings, Phil's passion for photography is evident in his leisurely strolls around his town, capturing its scenic beauty. Whether through pen, brush, camera, or lens, Phil's ultimate goal remains consistent: to create beautiful imagery that brings joy to people. His mantra? "Good enough is never good enough."

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