An amazing Rustic Sychpwll Tipi and Yurt wedding

A group of people standing in a field near a Sychpwlll center.
The kata style tipi looked amazing in the early evening sun. The little details inside added to the rustic charm of this beautiful wedding.

A Rustic wedding at Sychpwll

I truly don’t know where to begin with this first visit to the incredible Sychpwll Center in Wales. My first wedding there and one that has stayed with me since the first moments I arrived.

I really didn’t know what to expect, as I prepared to travel the short distance from my home in North Shropshire. As I loaded up my car with hope and love for my craft, my mind wondered to this gorgeous couple. The weight of their hopes and expectations weighing heavily on my mind.

You see it had been quite a hectic few days leading up to Nick and Ana’s big day. The previous day had seen me down in Wessex shooting a beautiful wedding, one that had come to me via another close photographer friend. They had insisted I was the one to capture their nearest and dearests special day and this was another sun soaked summers wedding, hot wasn’t the word and heat stroke was the worry. So I was surprised to find myself up and raring to go fairly early the next day. I had mitigated any risks by employing a good friend, and uber talented photographer, to arrive ahead of me and he did exactly that, so I had no real concerns as I had my safety net deployed. All this came about by rescheduling weddings from the previous year. Such was the impact of 2020 on many businesses, including my own, and both these weddings were part of that scramble to new dates.

A group of people dancing at a north wales wedding in a yurt at the Sychpwlll center.
Nick and Ana embracing during their first dance. A beautiful couple whose relaxed, Mediterranean vibe, permeated through their wedding day.

A Sychpwll Wedding

As I arrived at the Sychpwll Centre I found Ana and her maids in the small cottage there. Nick and the boys were busying themselves over in the delightfully named “hobbit” house where I also found my associate photographer. He had thankfully arrived in good time and had started taking images of the centre as well as the happy couple.

A wooden house with a potted plant in front of it, located at the Sychpwlll center in North Wales.
A white house with a picnic table in the yard near Sychpwll Llandrinio.

Relaxed and Informal Wedding Photography

My style of photography is described as relaxed and informal, this was exactly what Ana and Nick had maintained was exactly what they wanted. I love nothing more than being a casual observer on the day. Silently and creatively documenting the day as it happens. This makes up the vast majority of the wedding coverage, alongside a few intimate portraits too. Nick and Ana also wanted to incorporate some of their own ideas and they decided to bring along some smoke bombs for their wedding. Please note, I don’t supply these, but like many other photographers I always encourage my couples to express their own ideas and accommodate these where I can.

My time with Nick and Ana passed in an amazing blur of Mediterranean beauty (Ana is Portuguese) with all the culture and traditions of her heritage being ever present. It was an amazing day immersed in the natural beauty of Sychpwll and all it has to offer. From quaint outbuildings to the amazing natural “tunnel” where we went to seek some respite from the searing heat.

A bride and groom hugging at Sychpwll Camping in the woods.

I will now leave you to look through a brief selection of images from this beautiful Sychpwll wedding and if anyone can tell me how to pronounce this magical place, I would be eternally grateful.

Phil x

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