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Supplier Spotlight :

Shropshire Wedding Makeup Artist, Nichola Witcombe-Tant

At every wedding I attend I come across some of the most amazing suppliers around. From florists, to hairdressers, suppliers of cars, discos. You name it, I probably know someone who will supply it.

Over the years it has been my absolute pleasure to forge special relationships with some of these good people. They are all, without exception, absolutely brilliant at what they do. So I have decided to approach some of my industry expert friends and get them to write some neat tips and tricks, as well as dispense some well meaning advice.

First up, and an essential part of the day, is the fabulous make up artist and skin care specialist, Nichola Witcombe-Tant.

Nichola and I have worked alongside each other at many weddings over the years, and I have seen her skills applied up close at umpteen weddings. So when I asked her to write me a few words of advice to share with you, being the fabulous lady she is, she was more than willing to help out.

So here we are, first off a few words of wisdom in regards to general skin care:

It is every brides dream to have perfect skin on her wedding day. With a glowing and radiant complexion, a healthy hydrated skin is of the utmost importance for a long lasting makeup that stays in place throughout the whole wedding day and right up to the last dance. I have been a makeup artist and skincare specialist for over 14 years and throughout my years in the wedding and beauty industry I know only too well the effects of planning a wedding can have on a bride’s skin. Although being a happy occasion, every wedding comes with its problems, stress and worry. I use many make up techniques to keep my applications in place and when I see my brides for a consultation skincare is an area that I will always bring up into our conversation. They are sent away with not only product samples for their skin type but also skincare homework!

I know from years of experience that my advice works. Brides that have followed my skincare plan have achieved the results they wanted and have become long term clients after their wedding day is over. Whether you’re an organised bride and have booked your wedding 12-24 months ahead or you’re a last minute bride and your wedding is just around the corner, there is no time like the present to start your skincare routine!

So with that in mind I then asked Nichola what products she uses, and which she would definitely recommend:

The Katherine Daniels Instant Effect Eye Mask; your skin around the delicate eye area will look visibly luminous, plumped, smooth and will feel hydrated, firm and revitalised in just 20 minutes. Ideal for pre – special occasion, prior to makeup application. These magical pads can be used on the morning of your wedding day, during your usual skincare routine or applied weekly running up to the ‘big day’. Ideal if sleep has been deprived!

Shropshire Wedding Makeup Artist Shropshire Wedding Makeup Artist Shropshire Wedding Makeup Artist

Final Words Of Advice

So there you have it, a fantastic skin care regime from one of Shropshire’s finest wedding make-up specialists, a few last words from Nichola 

I advise you to book an appointment for a skincare consultation, I can offer every bride a free skin analysis to help them understand their own skin type and needs, advise on products and treatments to suit them individually that I use in my salon and a treatment plan to fit in with their daily routine right up to their ‘big day’. I want my brides to feel radiant on their wedding day and I believe beautiful skin with a flawless makeup creates confidence in every bride to be. 

A True Artist

Nichola is a rare person indeed, a true artist in the broader sense of the word, not only is she a make up artist, but she actually enjoys the more finer arts in life too:

Since I was a little girl my life has been art oriented, this has had a huge impact on my career as a makeup artist. I have a life time of experience in painting, drawing and creating beauty from the most natural of environments. This has stood me in good stead and was a natural progression to move from paper to a live canvas. After my college days in the beauty industry, I went on to learn more about makeup at The Jemma Kidd School of Make up, London. I have been fortunate to attend a number of workshops with established makeup artists which has further developed my creative side.  I also research a number of bridal makeup artists who are experienced, and creative. I then adapt their professional techniques to provide a bespoke experience for my brides. Art remains a huge part of my life and my natural interest and curiosity in the arts goes beyond the beauty industry, I attend regular life drawing classes each week which maintains a current perspective in my craft. My experiences and professional background has further enhanced my understanding of the colour palate and tools to sculpt, highlight, design and achieving balance.

Here are a few more images of Nichola in Action:

Shropshire Wedding Makeup Artist Applies make up to bride Shropshire Wedding Makeup Artist Applies make up to bride Shropshire Wedding Makeup Artist Applies make up to bride Shropshire Wedding Makeup Artist Applies make up to bride

To get in touch with Nichola please check out her facebook page here:

Be Beautiful  Too


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