Shrewsbury Wedding Photographer

Shrewsbury Wedding Photographer

A Beautiful Albright Hussey Wedding

Shrewsbury Wedding Photographer

What an amazing fun filled day with this lovely couple, the added bonus here is that Becky is one of my daughter’s best friends and seeing as Lauren, my youngest, was one of Becky’s bridesmaids, I got to take some pictures of my daughter too 🙂

This makes Becky’s wedding an extra special day for me as I have known Becky for quite a number of years and have had the pleasure of seeing her grow up, and blossom, into a beautiful young lady.  Mr and Mrs T must be so proud.

More on this amazing couple’s wedding soon, but for now, turn up the volume, grab a cuppa “T” ……and enjoy 🙂

By the way, mine’s an Assam seeing as you asked…..though I am partial to a nice Earl Grey too 😉

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Shrewsbury Wedding Photographer, also capturing beautiful moments throughout Shropshire, North Wales, Cheshire, Staffordshire and the wider Uk too.

Phil Barrett
Phil Barrett

Phil Barrett is a seasoned photographer with a rich background in creativity. Starting his journey as an illustrator and designer, Phil's work graced the greeting cards of some of the world's largest producers. After two decades in the industry, a twist of fate led him back to university, where he founded PbArtWorks, initially envisioned as a design and photography agency. However, it was his unique approach to wedding photography, characterized by its natural, unforced essence, that truly resonated. For over a decade, Phil has captured weddings across Shropshire, Cheshire, North Wales, and beyond. Beyond weddings, Phil's passion for photography is evident in his leisurely strolls around his town, capturing its scenic beauty. Whether through pen, brush, camera, or lens, Phil's ultimate goal remains consistent: to create beautiful imagery that brings joy to people. His mantra? "Good enough is never good enough."

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