Sat + Ana // Davenport House Wedding

two brides kissing in front of colourful smoke bombs at Davenport House

The photos are amazing – honestly, we laughed, smiled, welled up while looking through them.

These are a few of the words Satveer sent to me after receiving the photos from her wedding at Davenport House.


This was my first time working as a Shropshire Wedding Photographer at Davenport House. The words you often see bounded around about venues all apply to this amazing building. Not only that but it also has heart, a truly magnificent one centred around making the couple’s day special. Not only theirs but their suppliers as well.

From the first moment I arrived at Davenport House, I was immediately taken in by the warmth of the people there. With the friendly staff with their fabulous broad smiles and welcoming demeanour, I knew right then this was a special place.

But how special a day it was to be I really had no idea.


The amazing day that unfolded for Sat and Ana truly was something special. I had a feeling it would be, but these two beautiful ladies took my expectations and smashed them. I’m not afraid to admit to being a big softie, but when these two lovelies met for the reveal on their wedding day there really wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

You truly had to be there.


A bride beautifully hangs her wedding dress on a mirror at Davenport House.

It was decided that Ana should have the bridal suite to get ready in, she was chilling out with her besties over in the adjoining lodge until it was time to get her dress on. So we all moved over there while Satveer and her daughter got ready separately back in the aforementioned lodge. The bridal suite at Davenport House truly is a stunning room, and one worthy of such a stunning couple.

Meanwhile, back at the lodge, Satveer was making good progress getting ready with her family and her beautiful Daughter. Here she is making her entrance to her wonderful family and friends.


The day spent at Davenport House, with Ana and Sat, will stay with me forever, here are images from their wedding day story in all it’s splendour. The gorgeous colours, the fusion of Spanish and Asian as well as British all came together to make what has to be one of the most wonderful experiences of my working life.

As we travel through this thing called “life” we happen upon chances to meet and become involved with special people. It was something pretty special I am honoured to have been part of such a special day. The amazing people, the team they gathered around them, worked like a well oiled machine. Nothing, apart from a bit of drizzle, did anything to dampen what was a truly wonderful experience for us all.

Two truly inspirational people surrounded by equally beautiful families and friends.

This is life living in a multicultural, tolerant society. We should all feel blessed to be a part of such a modern, amazing, beautiful world.

Thank you seems such a small thing to say, but thank you.

If you are looking for your Davenport House Wedding Photographer, then do get in touch and let’s have a chat.

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Phil Barrett
Phil Barrett

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