Documentary Wedding Photographer In Shropshire

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Documentary Wedding Photographer In Shropshire

Phil Barrett BA(hons) LMPA

As a well known Shropshire Documentary Wedding Photographer I like to keep it my work as real as possible. No forced smiles, no cheesy grins. No posed or awkward shots, no fake cutting of the cake, just honest natural authentic moments that you can look at, and relive, time and time again. This is what I do, I do not know any other way. I just keep try to keep it as real, and authentic, as possible.

Shropshire Documentary Wedding Photographer captures pure emotion as the groom waits for his beautiful bride

Striking the balance between being a natural observer I also make sure all those other little boxes are ticked too. This is an art form in itself and I always manage to strike that balance with my couples. Working with them to capture their special day in a relaxed, beautiful and natural way. With that added creativity for making something truly special. This is what I set out to do at every wedding.

A touching moment captured by Shropshire Documentary Wedding Photographer Phil Barrett

Documentary Wedding Photography with “that” added edge!

This is what I call “Creative Reportage” it is me, it is what I do naturally. I create images that will bring you right back to that moment for you to enjoy time and time again.

One of the greatest compliments that I was ever given, was several years ago.  A bride, upon seeing her wedding photographs, messaged me to say she had memories she never knew she had. That really took me by surprise, I had to actually stop and think about it. Wow, the power of the images that allowed her to relive, and recall, her wedding day so vividly. What if those images had never been captured? Would she have been able to remember all those moments?  Who knows. What I do know is she will forever be able to look at them and recall her day in it’s finest of details. That was amazing, and a real buzz for me as a photographer to hear.

Creative, Natural and Authentic

If you then add into the mixture of the portfolio some real artistic shots, then I truly believe you have the perfect combination. Creative, artistic, compelling and storytelling, documentary photography.

Shropshire Documentary Wedding Photographer with bridal party at Church

Formals Don’t Have To Be Boring

Many couples cringe at the thought of the dreaded formals….but there’s no need! Relax, they are quick and easy to get through. Trust me.

Shropshire Documentary Photographer captures a lovely kiss

I always offer guidance in the build up to all of my couples weddings. Included is how to get good, beautiful and fun, group shots. They don’t have to be feared and they certainly don’t have to be stale and stiff either. I will work with you, and guide you, every step of the way.

If you are looking for that creative soul to document your special day in a natural, authentic and unobtrusive way, please do get in touch.

For more information about my wedding ethos be sure to check out this article, Time To Lament

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Shropshire Documentary Photographer in Church An emotional bridesmaid captured by Shropshire Documentary Wedding Photographer A beautiful moment between a bride and her Father A tender moment as a bride's emotions spill over the bride and her Father arrive at the amazing Marble Church in North Wales captured by Shropshire documentary wedding photographer Phil Barrett Shropshire Documentary wedding photographer
If you are looking for someone to capture your day, whether it’s in Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire….North Wales, indeed anywhere in the UK and beyond, and would like to know more about my documentary approach to wedding photography, Then please do feel free to give me a call, or drop me an email. I would love to chat to you about your plans for your special day.

Phil Barrett BA(hons) is proud to be a fully qualified member of the prestigious MPA, a full member of the amazing Fearless Photographers and proud to be recommended by some of the finest wedding venues in Shropshire and Cheshire.