What is documentary wedding photography?

Documentary wedding photography is a style that focuses on capturing candid, unposed moments in a storytelling manner. At PbArtworks, Phil specialises in this approach, delivering moments that evoke emotions and memories. His documentary style ensures that the special moments of a couple’s wedding day are captured naturally, authentically, and creatively. This approach allows couples to relive their wedding day time and time again through the moments captured in the photographs.A bride and groom walking down a path in front of Tyn Dwr Hall in North Wales

How Many Images Will I Receive?

This is a question I often get asked and to be perfectly honest there is no easy answer, all I ever tell my couples is this, you will receive a gallery of images that tell your story, from the start of the wedding day, right through to the first dance and beyond. What I won’t supply is a 100 image of your shoes or a wedding dress hanging in a tree. These will be captured, but as part of the narrative. On average I supply anywhere from around 800 – 1000 photographs on a typical wedding day. Sometimes a little less but rarely many more.

Why Is Wedding Photography So Important?

Wedding photography is crucial because it captures the essence and emotions of one of the most significant days in a couple’s life. It brings to life the personal touches, the laughter, the tears, and the joy of the day in a manner that’s honest and authentic. As mentioned by PbArtworks, every wedding is unique, and through photography, these personal touches and moments are immortalised. Moreover, as time passes, these photographs become priceless memories, allowing individuals to revisit and cherish those special moments.

One couple once wrote to me upon receiving their wedding photos, “I had memories I didn’t know I had…” this is why wedding photography is so important. It preserves those precious moments, and on your wedding day, the day will pass in a blur. At least you will be able to look back and remember all those precious moments as they come flooding back, time and time again.

Who is the best wedding photographer in Shropshire?

While “best” is subjective and can vary based on individual preferences, PbArtworks is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Shropshire. With a background in design and illustration, Phil has spent the past 15 years perfecting the art of capturing couples’ special moments on their wedding day in a distinctive and artistic candid style. His efforts have been recognised by some of the world’s leading photographic awards, making him a notable choice for wedding photography in Shropshire.
bride and groom in monochrome captured by shropshire wedding photographerwedding day guests on their mobile phones

How Long Will You Remain At Our Wedding?

I usually arrive at least 2 hours prior to your ceremony and remain with you until the first dance and a little after. This is around 10 hours coverage but I don’t “clock watch”. For me a wedding is a full day and around 10 hours usually covers most weddings. I can stay longer and when required to I absolutely have no issues in doing so. I also offer reduced coverage options as well. All you need to do is ask and we can then discuss your requirements.

Please note, I don’t offer “broken” coverage. So no booking me until wedding breakfast and then wanting me to return 1-3 hours later. Sorry 🙂 A bride and guests dancing at a Davenport House wedding.

Do We Need To Supply A Meal?

Well, I never add this as a contractual obligation and it is entirely down to my couples, but many venues only cater for the wedding party, so if no meal or refreshments are made available then I simply reserve the right to leave and source my own meal. This will always be during the wedding breakfast, but may mean I am gone for around an hour or so. However, most couples do cater for me and I am always grateful for them doing so.

Do You Do Couple Portraits?

Absolutely, however these will not be cheesy or staged or forced, just natural and relaxed. The time spent on these is entirely your call, what I don’t want to do is drag you away from your wedding day itself. Just for a few minutes to grab you some gorgeous images.

Who Is Phil Barrett?

Well this is a post all about me ABOUT

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