Rainy Wedding Days

“Why does it always rain on me?
Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?
Why does it always rain on me?
Even when the sun is shinning I can’t avoid the lightning..”

Francis Healy
a bride and groom embracing on a rainy wedding day, sheltered by an umbrella.
Portmeirion affords the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous elopement

Why Does It Rain On Me…

Why indeed.

Many couples ask me when they enquire about their wedding photography, what happens if it rains?
Being a seasoned professional wedding photographer, with many years experience, I have encountered one or two rainy wedding days in my time and what I always say is simply this.

Fear not the rain, embrace it, revel in all it’s amazing creative possibilities and trust your photographer.

a bride and groom standing in front of a barn on their rainy wedding day.
Liam and Kirsty taking time out on their wet and very rainy, wedding at the ever amazing Mill Barns.

Rainy Wedding Photos

The above image was taken recently at a Mill Barns wedding in December, the couple had no problem with going out and allowing me to capture them something rather special. The wooden bridge that allows access to Mill Barns afforded me the opportunity to capture a stunning reflection. Something a rainy wedding day truly affords the brave couple.

a group of people walking down a rainy path with umbrellas.
Jenni and her bridal party making their way up to the waterfall at Pistyll Rhaeadr in North Wales.

Embrace the Rain

As I looked at Jenni on her wet and very windy, wedding day, I said, well, what do you want to do? Knowing she had firm intentions on going to the waterfall for some more “spectacular” photo opportunities I had hoped she wouldn’t be to put off by the rain. To my delight she lifted up her dress, showed me her wellingtons and without hesitation said…

” I have my wellies, I have my brollies….let’s go!”

I am forever grateful to her for being so invested in her imagery, for without her the above image wouldn’t exist. I did actually get drenched and later that day, one of my cameras, the one that I used to take this image, decided to die on me from the water ingress. But it came back to life later, after leaving it to dry out overnight.

(Tip: if your camera gets wet, stops working, pop it somewhere warm, take out the battery, remove the lens and leave overnight. It will recover)

a bride and groom standing under an umbrella on their wedding day in front of a rainbow.
Andrea and Dan embracing in front of a beautiful rainbow

Rainbows and Weddings

Dan and Andrea had some of the heaviest rain I think I have ever experienced on their wedding day in Liverpool. Indeed the storm clouds were gathering as Andrea made her way to meet Dan at their wedding ceremony.

on her wedding day, a bride gracefully descends the steps of a large building.

This image was such a beautiful moment to capture and without those storm clouds gathering it would have been so much less impactful. The later image I captured of Andrea and Dan in front of the rainbow remains with me as one of my most favourite ones taken during their wedding day.

I love the challenge rain brings and the opportunities it affords.

Embrace it and allow it to be all it can be.

a bride and groom standing outside of a yurt on a rainy wedding day.

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Phil Barrett
Phil Barrett

Phil Barrett is a seasoned photographer with a rich background in creativity. Starting his journey as an illustrator and designer, Phil's work graced the greeting cards of some of the world's largest producers. After two decades in the industry, a twist of fate led him back to university, where he founded PbArtWorks, initially envisioned as a design and photography agency. However, it was his unique approach to wedding photography, characterized by its natural, unforced essence, that truly resonated. For over a decade, Phil has captured weddings across Shropshire, Cheshire, North Wales, and beyond. Beyond weddings, Phil's passion for photography is evident in his leisurely strolls around his town, capturing its scenic beauty. Whether through pen, brush, camera, or lens, Phil's ultimate goal remains consistent: to create beautiful imagery that brings joy to people. His mantra? "Good enough is never good enough."

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