Shropshire Pet Photography

Turn your pet into a work of art

Growing up with a rescued crow called Charlie, I have anecdotes for days about his cheeky character. How he would sit on my bike handles as we rode down the street, unpeg the clean laundry my mother had just hung out, or tease dogs more than triple his size.

We might not speak the same language, but our connection to animals is something truly remarkable. They own a special place in our hearts, and what better way to celebrate that love than with a beautiful collection of photographs that you can treasure forever.

Capturing your pet’s true character

Proud parent to 3 dogs myself, I understand and respect an animal’s natural instinct. By giving your pet time to sniff around to their heart’s content and reassuring them with tasty treats, I give them the time they need to settle and feel relaxed around me before we start.

Throughout the session, we will continue to pamper your furry friends and encourage them to reveal their own unique and wonderful character. The resulting images are filled with personality and energy for a portrait true to your pet.

Photography tailored to your pet

Every animal is different and so each session will be tailored to suit your friend.

Your pet in nature

Surrounded by stunning Shropshire landscapes, we can head outdoors and capture your dogs and horses as they gallop, bound and jump through the fields. This gives your portraits a beautiful background for a natural work of art starring your four-legged friend.

Studio sessions

From cats and canaries to geckos and fish, our friends come in all sorts of wonderful shapes and sizes. Whatever kind of pet lies close to your heart, I want to help you capture their essence and bring them to life with beautiful studio photography for small animals.