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wedding photographer in Shropshire capturing a beautiful moment at Shooters Hill Hall

Michelle and Paul have a quiet moment at the beautiful and amazing Shooters Hill Hall, where I am so proud to be one of only three recommended wedding photographers in Shropshire.

What an amazing and wonderful privilege to be one of the most active photographers in Shropshire, I am always amazed at the sheer beauty that the various venues around the county has to offer the beautiful brides, and grooms, to be. I count myself incredibly lucky to have worked at, and be recommended by, some of the finest venues that Shropshire offers. From the beautiful rustic charms of PimHill Barns to the amazing grandeur of Rowton Castle I have worked with beautiful couples from all over Shropshire and beyond.

For some examples of weddings from many venues where I am a recommended wedding photographer in Shropshire, please click on the following links:

Lion Quays

Albright Hussey

Iscoyd Park

Rowton Castle

PimHill Barns

Other venues in and around Shropshire where I have captured stunning brides in all their glory include the amazing and beautiful Combermere Abbey…one of my most regular venues and one where I am lucky enough to be a recommended photographer. Combermere is a  gorgeous venue that undoubtedly has some of the finest gardens anywhere. This was where Ashleigh and Piers were to get married:

the beautiful bride and groom at Combermere Abbey with shropshire wedding photographer pbartworksThe gorgeous Ashleigh and Piers under a beautiful Japanese Maple tree in Combermere Abbey’s stunning grounds.

To see more from this beautiful wedding please click HERE

For even more beautiful Combermere Images please see this amazing wedding

Paul and Lisa

Another wonderful venue, and one again where I am so pleased to be among those that are wholeheartedly recommended, is the ever beautiful Sweeney Hall Hotel. Set in the northern parts of the county and a stones throw from my studio, this beautiful venue really is something quite special.I have so many gorgeous weddings to share with you from around this amazing county, with such beauty and sincerity telling their own story.Images such as these make their way into the hearts and minds of all my couple, telling their stories long after the wedding day has passed:

wedding photographer in Shropshire captures a beautiful wedding on the Island of Jersey wedding photographer in Shropshire captures a moment of pure magic wedding photographer in Shropshire captures an amazing confetti shot wedding photographer in Shropshire Wedding Photographer In Shropshire Wedding Photographer In Shropshire wedding photographer in Shropshire with a beautiful bride and groom at Shooter's Hill Hall wedding photographer in Shropshire and the magic of a wedding day
I will leave you with a taster from my recent weddings and if you would like to know more about my Shropshire Wedding Photography, please do get in touch.

Phil Barrett
Phil Barrett

Phil Barrett is a seasoned photographer with a rich background in creativity. Starting his journey as an illustrator and designer, Phil's work graced the greeting cards of some of the world's largest producers. After two decades in the industry, a twist of fate led him back to university, where he founded PbArtWorks, initially envisioned as a design and photography agency. However, it was his unique approach to wedding photography, characterized by its natural, unforced essence, that truly resonated. For over a decade, Phil has captured weddings across Shropshire, Cheshire, North Wales, and beyond. Beyond weddings, Phil's passion for photography is evident in his leisurely strolls around his town, capturing its scenic beauty. Whether through pen, brush, camera, or lens, Phil's ultimate goal remains consistent: to create beautiful imagery that brings joy to people. His mantra? "Good enough is never good enough."

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