Privacy Policy

Privacy and GDPR!

It’s No Laughing Matter…

Black and white photo of two men laughing at a wedding.

It is, however, a blessing…GDPR that is.

Like many of you, I also get spammy emails, ones that try selling me all sort of things, and some trying to sell me more stuff which I had forgotten I had brought…

“Hey, want to buy a new hammock!!”

Yeah, we all need two hammocks!

I love GDPR and like you guys, I think it is long overdue. Below is a bit of clarity for you in regards to how I handle your information….but essentially. I do not share data, I don’t market my services other than those you are enquiring about, .and as regards credit cards and other sensitive information, I do not use, or collect, them. In short. I love you guys, I would never ever give up any data and I would never be loose and free with any information that I hold.

However, I also love to share your images, because they are all amazing…and so are you. So please rest assured I am not going to allow your images to appear on any platform that may well cause you issues, and so put at risk my capacity to share. But should you wish me to not use your images, that’s ok…just let me know. 

Righto, here’s the boring stuff.

Data collection

Phil Barrett (me) is the person in charge of data that passes through this website or via email. This data is kept private between myself and a very few other carefully selected vendors.

In order to provide photographic services to you, I take photographs. Simples. Images “can” be classed as data, so I have to make sure you’re ok for me to share this data.

Collecting these images can be at a wedding, a commercial commission, portraits or any other event. These photographs are then stored here, at my base, on hard drives, and also online in a secure environment.

I also collect some details from yourselves, these are as follows:

  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media links
  • Email addresses

I may also post photos from your wedding in a variety of places, listed below, all with your permission via my online contract service.

  • On my website
  • In wedding blogs and other various websites
  • On social media
  • To your other fabulous suppliers

I also capture website visitor names, phone numbers and email addresses when peeps make contact via my website to enquire about my services.

Just to reiterate, I never capture credit or debit card numbers.

External data handlers


Quickbooks is a tool for providing invoices. For more information about their privacy policy please check this out here:


Dropbox is a service to provide online hosting of data. I store your wedding photos on Dropbox and share these with you for delivery, and for a safe backup resource. 

Google Suite

Google Suite is a tool for providing services which are available over the internet. Mostly these services are email, though they do offer calandar services, I tend to favour iCal instead. Google are GDPR compliant.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service which provides information about how visitors use a website. I use the information that I gain to provide you with a more effective website. 

Use of Cookies

Like many other websites, we use website cookies. These store information on your computer and allow me to improve my website in a variety of ways, It is possible to switch off cookies by setting your browser preferences, though this is generally not advisable as it may well reduce your browsing experience.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.