Rowton Castle Wedding Photographer

A Castle Wedding Venue in the heart of Shropshire.

Rowton Castle Wedding Photographer

A few words from Rowton Castle themselves:

“This truly is a breath-taking wedding venue just a short distance from Shrewsbury, Rowton Castle is among the most romantic and magical castle wedding venues in England. With acres of tranquil grounds, beautiful hotel bedrooms, English countryside, and impeccable service, our 17th Century Grade II* Listed Castle is located in the heart of Shropshire, England and makes for the most perfectly unique wedding day…”

They’re not wrong it has to be said, that Rowton Castle truly is a stunning venue and one I have known now for over 15 years. I have been fortunate to be a recommended Shropshire wedding photographer for quite a lot of those 15 years too. So I find myself working there a few times each year. My approach to wedding photography remains the same wherever I find myself. Taking a more relaxed and nuanced approach to weddings, more as an observer than someone who directly interferes or actively takes part in the day itself. Yes, I direct certain aspects such as the groups or where the best light is, but generally, I try to remain in the background, watching and waiting for those moments to happen.

Getting Married At Rowton Castle

I am a sucker for the bridal suite here at Rowton Castle and many of my couples often ask me about my images taken there. If you want a beautiful castle room to put on your dress and have your “reveal” then I will always help you to achieve that goal. It is absolutely stunning and for me, it screams “castle”.

Seeking the light

The Wedding Ceremony at Rowton Castle

The room and the grounds offer amazing opportunities for the happy couple to get married. There really is no bad choice and luckily the staff there are quick to set up either option for the lucky couple and their guests.

I absolutely adore working at Rowton Castle, from the incredible rooms available, to the castle itself and the grounds, it is a photographers paradise. However, the sole reason I am there is to document a wedding day, with all the guests, the relationships and the fun of the celebration itself. If you are looking for your wedding photographer and would like to have a chat, please do get in touch and let’s talk.

In the meantime here are a few more images from my beautiful Rowton Castle weddings.

Phil x

For more information about my weddings at Rowton Castle please feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat about your plans.

Award Winning Shropshire Wedding Photographer

I’m Phil Barrett, the person behind PbArtWorks Photography. I started as an illustrator and designer for greeting card companies before shifting towards photography. At PbArtWorks, I blend my design skills with my passion for photography, especially focusing on wedding photography. My style is natural and real, capturing genuine moments. Along with weddings, I enjoy photographing landscapes and everyday life. I’m dedicated to excellence and making people happy through my work. Over the past 10 years, I’ve received several awards and have covered weddings in various regions.

Weddings at Rowton Castle

Rowton Castle in Shrewsbury is a prestigious wedding venue that beautifully incorporates both historical grandeur and modern elegance. The castle, set amidst seventeen acres of tranquil grounds, offers a remarkable setting for matrimonial ceremonies and celebrations. The cherished vows can be exchanged either in the romantic atmosphere of the magnificent Cardeston suite, where the dramatic bay windows overlook the scenic gardens, or in the charming Lindsay room featuring distinctive period architecture. Both function rooms are licensed for civil ceremonies, adding a touch of regality to your special day. The venue also boasts superior accommodation facilities for guests, with a total of nineteen lavishly furnished bedrooms, including the bridal suite, providing an ideal space for rest and relaxation. Guests are treated to sumptuous culinary experiences, catered by the venue’s in-house team. Furthermore, the castle offers amenities such as a full-service bar, dance floor and provides options for both indoor and outdoor receptions. The diligent and attentive staff at Rowton Castle are committed to ensuring every detail is meticulously attended to, creating a truly memorable and seamless wedding experience. Key amenities at the castle’s disposal, including Wi-fi, ample parking, and wheelchair accessibility, further enhance the comfort of guests. All these features, coupled with the breathtaking beauty of the venue, ensure that weddings at Rowton Castle not only echo the romance of the occasion but also make a lasting impression.

The History of Rowton Castle

Rowton Castle, located in the heart of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, boasts a rich history that spans over eight centuries. Constructed in the 17th century during the reign of James I, this spectacular Grade II listed building stands as a testament to the elegance and grandeur of its period. Its sandstone façade hides a myriad of architectural gems, including a ballroom with a stained glass ceiling boasting beautiful mosaics. The traversing journey over the centuries has seen Rowton Castle serving as a family home, a school and presently, a premier wedding venue. Over the last two decades, it has carved a niche for itself as a luxurious, romantic destination for nuptials, drawing couples from across the globe to its stunning 17-acre property with walled gardens and sweeping lawns. Notably, it also offers 19 magnificent rooms for accommodation, each unique in layout and design, in line with the castle’s historic appeal. Rowton Castle’s stately charm and tranquil, exclusive setting make it an enchanting locale, steeped in beauty and history, making it an ideal retreat for unforgettable celebrations.

How To Get To Rowton Castle

Rowton Castle is a majestic wedding venue situated on the outskirts of Shrewsbury, a historic English market town in the heart of picturesque Shropshire. This magnificent 17th century Grade II listed building is nestled amidst sprawling, beautifully manicured gardens and stunning countryside. Travelling from the centre of Shrewsbury, an easy jaunt westwards of approximately six miles will lead you to this exclusive venue. This exceptional location in the idyllic Shropshire landscape, combined with its close proximity to the Welsh border, make it accessible yet secluded, lending an intimate aura to any event held within its doors. Its prime location offers the best of both rural charm and historical grandeur, making Rowton Castle an ideal choice for couples seeking a unique wedding venue.

About Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury is a historic market town nestled in the county of Shropshire, United Kingdom. Boasting more than 1,000 years of history, this enchanting town is famed for its well-preserved medieval architecture and its pivotal role in England’s historical narrative. Its cobbled streets are lined with a unique assortment of independent, antique shops and vintage boutiques, reflective of Shrewsbury’s rich heritage. The town is enveloped by the traditional horseshoe bend of the River Severn, providing the backdrop for scenic walks and leisurely boat rides. The iconic Shrewsbury Castle with its stunning red sandstone facade and the 11th century Shrewsbury Abbey bespeak of the town’s medieval past. A notable aspect is the Shrewsbury Flower Show, an annual event that lures crowds with its captivating display of blooming spectacles. As the birthplace of the renowned naturalist, Charles Darwin, his influence is evident in several local attractions like The Darwin Gate and Darwin’s Townhouse. Furthermore, Shrewsbury also offers a vibrant culinary scene, complete with rustic pubs, contemporary cafes and fine-dining options. Its central position in Shropshire makes it a prime base for exploring the wider county, best known for its unspoiled countryside and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. A blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, Shrewsbury provides a delightful experience for residents and visitors alike.

Other Venues in Shropshire & The Surrounding Area

I work at wedding venues throughout Shropshire including:

Burlton Manor, Combermere Abbey, Davenport House, Foxtail Barns, Iscoyd Park, Pimhill Barn, The Ashes Barns, The Mill Barns, Tyn Dwr Hall

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People Also Ask

What is Documentary Wedding Photography?

Documentary wedding photography at PbArtWorks is characterised by capturing candid, unposed moments in a storytelling manner, focusing on natural, authentic, and creative documentation of a wedding day.

How Many Images Are Typically Provided?

Clients usually receive 800–1000 photographs, capturing the entire narrative of their wedding day. This includes significant moments rather than repetitive shots of specific items like shoes or dresses.

Why is Wedding Photography Important?

Wedding photography is essential for capturing a wedding day’s emotions and unique moments. These photographs become cherished memories, enabling couples to relive their special day and recall moments they might have missed.

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