A Stunning Castle Wedding

A couple at a Rowton Castle wedding, joyfully throwing confetti at each other.

What a beautiful day spent at the ever amazing Rowton Castle in Shropshire, where I was so please to be able to cover the wedding of Natalie and Phil. I had such a wonderful time working alongside this lovely young couple, who’s relaxed and carefree approach to their wedding allowed me to really push myself with some amazing creative opportunities even though the weather wasn’t exactly the best.

This beautiful young couple embraced their wedding photography with fearless enthusiasm, and a true sense of fun!

A bride and groom standing in front of a gazebo at Rowton Castle, amidst a stormy sky.


What a really lovely place this is, and to be one of their recommended suppliers means I get to see this amazing place frequently too. It really is a venue that offers so much to the aspiring couple and their wedding party. Do check out my post about this wonderful Shropshire Castle venue by clicking the link below.

A black and white photo of Rowton Castle.


A Photographer’s Dream Venue

Being a creative wedding photographer first and foremost, means I get to travel all over ther local area and beyond, covering many amazing weddings at many beautiful venues, these are all very much different in what they offer but from a creative wedding photographer’s view, they all offer amazing opportunities. As Natalie and Phil noted, I am an artistic wedding photographer who approaches wedding photography as an art form. They saw that I focus on creating unique and visually stunning images that capture the emotions, beauty, and style of the wedding day.

Here is what they wrote after receiving their images and about their beautiful wedding day at the incredible Rowton Castle.

Our Rowton Castle Wedding

A bride and groom embracing in a field with cherry blossoms at Rowton Castle weddings.

It was so wonderful to bring all our family and friends together from across the country at a brilliant venue.

The day couldn’t have gone better – it was all smiles and laughter the whole way through, as captured in the beautiful photos.

It was lovely to see all our amazing photographs from Phil – particularly while he was sending us the sneak peeks, which was making us even more excited to see them all!

One of the things we love about the photos is seeing moments in the photos that we didn’t see ourselves.

One question we had was ‘who dumped all that confetti on us at the end?’, and that was clearly answered by these photos!!

It has been emotional for us and our family looking through all the wonderful memories we made on the day.

So many of our guests commented on how wonderful the venue was, and also how great Phil was at being discrete the whole day but still captured such beautiful moments.

Big thank you to Natalie and Phil for their kind words, a truly beautiful day and one I will always treasure being part of.

Here are some more images from their amazing day at Rowton Castle, I do hope you enjoy looking through these and if you are looking for your Wedding Photographer then please do get in touch.

A Castle Wedding Day

First this is the newly refurbished Orchard Suite where the bride and her party get ready, no expense has been spared to give this amazing place a truly breathtaking makeover. This is where I tend to gravitate too at first just to steady any nerves about myself. I always do this as it’s one less thing to worry about on such a special day.

I always encourage the groom to have some ‘getting ready’ pictures too, it’s not always possible to get these photos but where the opportunity presents I always offer capturing some for the bride to see.

The Castle Bridal Suite

I seem to be one of the only photographers who’s clients always ask about moving to the bridal suite to put on the wedding dress, and why not? Who am I to deny this lovely request and to be perfectly honest, this truly does create some amazing images for my brides. It’s also the perfect place for that most important of moments, the reveal.

Such an amazing room, always a pleasure to capture some gorgeous images there for my couples. Here are the images from the rest of Natalie’s and Phils superb wedding at the beautiful Rowton Castle in the heart of Shropshire.

I do hope you enjoy looking through this gorgeous wedding.


Such an amazing day, if a rather short one, spent with these two lovelies, if you’d like to see more about my wedding photography then please do check out the following post.

A bride and groom embracing in the dimly lit ambiance of Rowton Castle Weddings.

Shropshire Wedding Photography

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