Is Photography Art?

Is Photography Art?

a tender moment between mother and son as she prepares to be married at Albrighton Hall in shropshire
A quiet moment between Mother and Son….such was the beautiful light that bathed this scene I truly felt blessed, all the planets seem to align as Lauren took her Son’s hands so tenderly and whispered to him…what was she saying? I can only guess…some things are private and this was one of them. I can only assume it was words of love, words of reassurance and words of encouragement too. 

What is Photography, if not art? It’s certainly subjective.

This was a question that was posed in a Facebook group a few days back, and it really got me thinking…is Photography indeed art?

Art itself is, indeed, subjective and as such each person will have different takes on what does and does not constitute art. We, as photographers, all have some creativity within us, it is how you tap into this creativity that really counts. Everyone has a smart phone these days…well nearly everyone, and within that phone is the ability to make some beautiful images. Indeed the latest advertising campaigns from some notable exponents of phones…here’s looking at you Apple and Sony, not to mention the unpronounceable Huawei, make a great deal about their phones camera capabilities. So is anyone and everyone with a smartphone now an artist? My own thoughts are pretty much this…photography is a way to allow creativity to flourish in a different medium, not just paper, pen, ink and brush. Now, everyone has the ability to create art…whether that’s through photography or via something completely different it really all depends on the person’s ability to communicate their ideas…what they are trying to achieve…and you…the dear viewer.

So don’t let the naysayers hold you back, go grab your phone…your camera…or even your old box brownie…and release the inner artist and rejoice.

Art is for the masses 🙂

Here are a few pieces of my own work that I hope shows what can be achieved when you’re looking to explore a more artistic approach to your work. Post processing does play a part, but more so does the reading of light and shade, for me, that is the single most important aspect when trying to capture something that has an artistic beauty.

Let me know your thoughts below.

the stunning japanese forests of bamboo a magical scene of a loving young family in shropshire an artistic balck and white portrait of mother and newborn baby a best man's portrait a stunning scene as a bride and groom are captured at Thornton Manor a beautiful light captures a young bridesmaid a bride steps out of her carriage in Shropshire beautiful scene as children are entertained at a winter wedding in Ruthin Castle a bride signs the marriage register in a Shropshire church a stunning ocean scene of the maldives the smoke washing temples of japan a north wales scene

Phil Barrett
Phil Barrett

Phil Barrett is a seasoned photographer with a rich background in creativity. Starting his journey as an illustrator and designer, Phil's work graced the greeting cards of some of the world's largest producers. After two decades in the industry, a twist of fate led him back to university, where he founded PbArtWorks, initially envisioned as a design and photography agency. However, it was his unique approach to wedding photography, characterized by its natural, unforced essence, that truly resonated. For over a decade, Phil has captured weddings across Shropshire, Cheshire, North Wales, and beyond. Beyond weddings, Phil's passion for photography is evident in his leisurely strolls around his town, capturing its scenic beauty. Whether through pen, brush, camera, or lens, Phil's ultimate goal remains consistent: to create beautiful imagery that brings joy to people. His mantra? "Good enough is never good enough."

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